Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Module: br-test/TimeUtility


(static) captureTimerFunctions()

Overrides the default setTimeout and setInterval methods. This allows the storing of all functions passed in to those methods.

(static) executeCapturedFunctions()

Execute all captured functions that are set to be triggered within the passed in millisecond time value. If no value is passed, this will execute all captured functions.

(static) getCapturedFunctions() → {Array}


A list of argument objects that were passed into setTimeout and setInterval.


(static) nextStep()

Execute all captured functions if we are in NEXT_STEP_TIME_MODE. All functions will be cleared even if an error is thrown, although not all functions will be executed. Returns false if we are not in NEXT_STEP_TIME_MODE

(static) setTimeMode()

Sets the timer mode which controls when captured timeouts and intervals run.