Set up Eclipse for Caplin HTML5 files

If you are using Eclipse, it is possible to set up projects to understand all the Caplin Trader HTML5 files, offering auto-completion and inline documentation, like this:


Here’s how…

What you will need

Make sure you have 'Web Tools Platform' (WTP) installed in your Eclipse. If you have the full-on Java EE edition, it will already be installed. Otherwise you can get it from here: These examples use Eclipse Juno 4.2.2 with Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.4.2 on Mac.

Creating the project

You need to create a project of type "JavaScript Project". By doing this, Eclipse will parse any JS files and give warnings/errors, which is useful. But more importantly, it understands external JS files and can auto-complete them. By default, it just has standard ECMAScript completion, but we can add the Caplin HTML5 files too.

Do not create projects with too big a scope, or the JS parsing in Eclipse slows everything down. For example don’t create a project with the whole of BR or CT install as its root. Create a project-per-app, like in this example.

In this example, the project is a Caplin Trader app – FX Trader motif:


Set up JS Libraries for the project:


Create a new User Library. We’ve called it Caplin Trader 3.2. Then click Add Folder…​


Select the sdk/libs/javascript/caplin folder of the CT or BR install from the popup. Once chosen, the settings should look something like this:


Click OK, and your JavaScript Project settings will look like this:


All Done!

You now get inline code completion with documentation, for all Caplin HTML5 files. It even works with inheritance. So, methods on superclasses are correctly available on subclasses, etc. This example shows the addChangeListener method, which is a method of the Property class available on this WritableProperty instance.