Permissioning API

A fine-grained, real-time user permissions system for your web application, which you can use to change GUI components and adapt users' views and privileges.

permission API v2 component screenshot


Customise Display by User Permissions

The displays that users see are customised according to their permissions, and update in real time when those permissions change, so that users can only view and interact with items and components that they are allowed to access at that time.

Trading on Behalf of Other Users

The Permissioning API supports applications that can permit users to trade on behalf of other specified users, and allows them to switch from one user account to another.

Subscribe to Multiple Permission Datasources

You can combine permission information obtained from multiple data-sources, so that your JavaScript code can obtain all permission details through a single interface.

Structured User Permissions

User permissions can be organised using namespacing rules. This allows you to group related permissions, defining the interaction a user can have with a particular product by specifying the product, the entity to which it applies, and the action concerned.