Caplin Documentation

All the documentation you need to develop with Caplin products.

Caplin FX Professional

Desktop web application for bank customers.

Caplin FX Sales

Desktop web application for sales teams trading on behalf of bank customers.

Caplin FX Mobile

Mobile web application for bank customers.

FX Integration API

Java library used by integration adapters that provide data to Caplin FX Suite applications.

RET Adapter Suite

Libraries and adapters for integrating the Caplin FX Suite with Thomson Reuters Electronic Trading.

Barracuda Order Adapter

An adapter for integrating the Caplin FX Suite with the Barracuda FX order management system.

Caplin Director

Desktop web application for managing users and permissions.

Caplin Trader 4

SDK for developing online trading applications. The foundation of Caplin FX Suite.

Caplin Trader 5

The next generation of Caplin Trader, with a Node.js and Webpack build stack.

Caplin Platform

A suite of low-latency servers and libraries to support online trading applications.


Caplin Platform's high-performance streaming server.


Caplin Platform's application and data-transformation server.

Deployment Framework

Command-line utility for managing the deployment of Caplin Platform components.

Caplin Management Console

Desktop application for monitoring and managing the Caplin Platform.

Caplin Integration Suite

Tools and libraries to integrate the Caplin Platform with your backend systems.

DataSource Library

The core Caplin Platform library used by Liberator, Transformer, and integration adapters.

StreamLink Library

Library used by clients to connect to Liberator.


Java Servlet that enables single sign-on to the Caplin FX Suite and Liberator.