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Reference documentation for Caplin APIs.

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Front end APIs

Caplin Trader


Back end APIs

Liberator Transformer KeyMaster CMC

Integration adapters

FX Integration API

Integration libraries

Caplin Trader

SDK for developing HTML5 trading applications. The core framework of the applications in Caplin's FX Suite.

  Latest Previous
Caplin Trader 5 5.0.0
Caplin Trader 4 4.8.0
XML: Alias Definitions 3.3.0  
XML: Aliases 3.3.0  
XML: Grid 3.3.0  
XML: Layout 3.3.0  
XML: Permissioning 3.3.0  
XML: Renderer 3.3.0  
XML: Trading 3.3.0  
XML: Webcentric 3.3.0  

Client library to subscribe and publish to subjects on Liberator.

  Latest Previous
StreamLink Android 7.0.4
StreamLink JavaScript 7.0.4
StreamLink Java 7.0.4
StreamLink iOS 7.0.3
StreamLink .NET 7.0.4


Caplin Platform's high-performance streaming server.

  Latest Previous
Liberator Authentication C SDK 7.1.0
Liberator Authentication Java SDK 7.1.0


Caplin Platform's application and data-transformation server.

  Latest Previous
Transformer C SDK 7.1.1
Transformer Java Module SDK 7.1.1
Transformer Java Module SDK (legacy) 7.1.1
Transformer Java Persistence API 7.1.1
Transformer JavaScript Pipeline SDK 7.1.1
Transformer Lua Pipeline SDK 7.1.1


Java Servlet that provides authentication tokens to StreamLink clients for authentication with Liberator.

  Latest Previous
KeyMaster Java 7.1.0
KeyMaster Java: Sign-on Framework 7.1.0

Caplin Management Console (CMC)

Desktop application for monitoring and managing the Caplin Platform.

  Latest Previous
Caplin Management Console (CMC) 7.0.0

Integration adapters

Caplin-built adapters for connecting to specific back end systems.

  Latest Previous
Barracuda Order Adapter 1.9.0
RET Adapter Toolkit 3.6.0

FX Integration API

High-level Java integration library that provides data in the format expected by Caplin's FX Suite.

  Latest Previous
FX Integration API 3.22.0

Integration Libraries

Low-level integration libraries for C, Java, and .NET.

C integration libraries
  Latest Previous
C DataSource API 7.1.2
C Blotter and Notification API 6.2.0
C Trading API 7.0.0
Java integration libraries
  Latest Previous
Caplin Integration Suite (pre Platform 7) 6.2.8
Java DataSource API 7.1.1
Java Monitoring (JMX) API 7.1.2
Java Blotter API 7.1.0 7.0.0
Java Charting API 7.0.0
Java Notification API 7.1.0 7.0.0
Java Permissioning API 7.0.1 7.0.0
Java Trading API 7.1.1
.NET integration libraries
  Latest Previous
.NET DataSource API 7.1.2
.NET Blotter API 6.2.6
.NET Notification API 6.2.4