Caplin Trader

Based on powerful HTML5 technology, Caplin Trader provides sophisticated ready-to-run trading front ends for a range of asset classes, with tools that make it easy to style, brand, modify and extend.

Caplin Trader is designed to run on top of the Caplin Platform, which provides the required services to support the front end functionality.

With Caplin Trader you can create a customised, high-end web trading app faster and more reliably than starting from scratch.

Caplin Trader 3

New Features in Caplin Trader 3

Caplin's Core FX Motif gets you to market fast with a state-of-the-art single-dealer platform, while still giving you unlimited freedom to customize and enhance your offering without limit.

Designed for use with Caplin Trader 3 and the Caplin Platform, the Core FX Motif is a ready-made starting point for an FX single-dealer platform, and can be integrated with any FX trading system.

  • The Core FX Motif is based on the best ideas from the most successful FX Trading GUIs – ready-to-go, right out of the box.
  • Includes all the elements of a good FX trading front end – quick-trade tiles, price grids, deal blotters, and RFS tickets – all in a form consistent with industry best practice, constantly enhanced and improved.

  • Optional additional functionality, such as orders, TOBO, group blotter and post trade allocations are also available and can be plugged in to the core motif. For more information on the additional FX motif functionality available, contact us.

  • Reduces overall time-to-market from an industry average of 1-2 years to, typically, 3-4 months. It can be integrated with any FX trading system.

  • Reduces cost of building an online FX trading offering – often by more than 75%.

  • Built entirely using HTML5 and is completely open so that users can change, rewrite or extend any of it. Alternatively Caplin's Professional Services team is available to work with you to specify, project manage and develop your own unique trading app.

Want to know more? Contact us to receive Core FX Motif product guide.