Caplin Platform is a high-performance, service-orientated, real-time web trading framework.


Designed from the ground up for financial trading applications, the Caplin Platform is massively scalable and provides all the performance, security and reliability that users expect for high-end trading. Twelve years of continuous development have been devoted to ensuring that it provides the same quality of service over the internet as can be achieved over a private line.

In addition to the basic functionality offered by generic streaming platforms, the Caplin Platform has been specifically designed to handle bi-directional real-time price and trading messages. It offers features such as fine-grained adaptive flow control, dynamic list management, real-time permissioning, subject-based routing and continuous latency monitoring.

The Caplin Platform also provides many specific services to support advanced trading functionality in thin-client applications. For example, it offers very fast on-demand dynamic filtering and sorting of long instrument or trade lists, and “paging” (lazy-loading) of the result to the client. This improves the user experience of scrolling through thousands of rows of real-time data by not incurring the crippling overhead of sending data that is not in view.

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