Caplin Platform is a high-performance, service-orientated, real-time web trading framework.

High-performance streaming

Caplin Liberator provides high-performance streaming and low-latency messaging to thousands of clients.

Liberator’s client library, StreamLink, is available for a wide-range of client platforms: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, .NET, Android and iOS.

Liberator’s single sign-on (SSO) solution, KeyMaster, integrates with web authentication systems and provides a seamless authentication experience for your users.

Ease of deployment

Caplin Discovery simplifies scaling, monitoring and configuration of the Caplin Platform, our real-time streaming software - whether installed or in the cloud.

Discovery’s runtime peer discovery allows the network locations and instance numbers of Platform applications to be discovered at runtime rather than defined statically in configuration.

Discovery’s web interface provides insight into connectivity in your deployment, with key performance metrics to help you to quickly pinpoint latency bottlenecks.

Data transformation

Caplin Transformer provides an extensible platform for hosting data transformation services that add value to your data.

Write your own modules and data-transformation pipelines in Java, C, Lua, and JavaScript.

Deploy Caplin’s extensive range of modules for server-side sorting and filtering, caching of charting data, watchlists, and data persistence.

Flexible integration

Caplin's DataSource library provides the flexibility for Caplin Platform to integrate with any market data or trading system.

Write your own DataSource integration adapters in C, .NET, or Java, or take advantage of Caplin's pre-built adapters for widely-used back-end systems.

Caplin's Integration Suite and the FX Integration API complement DataSource and make it easy to support front-end trading applications, such as Caplin's FX Professional, FX Sales, FX Corporate, and FX Mobile.

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