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John Ashworth

Chief Executive Officer

John joined Caplin in February 2014 as chief operating officer and in November 2014 was promoted to chief executive officer. He brings to the role 30 years experience in the technology industry, having started at IBM, where he rose from engineering to management over 11 years. He left to become CEO of Alta Analytics, and then CEO of Fenics, an FX derivatives pricing technology company. When Fenics was acquired by GFI, he became chief commercial officer of GFI.

John has served as a board member of several other firms, including Apama, CMA and TraderMade, and founded his own company, Technology for Markets. In 2010 John joined the FXall executive team as global head of enterprise solutions. He was involved in the listing of FXall on NYSE, and its subsequent sale to Thomson Reuters.

John holds a bachelor's degree in physics from Queen Mary’s College, London.

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