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John Ashworth

Chief Executive Officer

John joined Caplin in February 2014 as chief operating officer and in November 2014 was promoted to chief executive officer. He brings to the role 30 years' experience in the technology industry, having started at IBM, where he rose from engineering to management over 11 years. He left to become CEO of Alta Analytics, and then CEO of Fenics, an FX derivatives pricing technology company. When Fenics was acquired by GFI, he became chief commercial officer of GFI.

Steve South

Chief Technical Officer

Steve has spent the last 12 years at Caplin working closely with our clients to deliver outstanding trading solutions. A web developer at heart, Steve has spent much of that time writing JavaScript and leading agile teams and, whilst still close to the code, now focuses on leading the engineering team and driving our technical strategy.

Tom Darvall

Chief Commercial Officer

Tom joined Caplin in April 2015 with a background in finance, poker and software delivery. With 10 years' experience delivering complex software solutions for traders in the gaming and finance industries, he leads a team that helps Caplin and our clients understand how e-technology fits into their business.

Simon Veasey

Chief Financial Officer

Simon joined Caplin in September 2018 with responsibility for finance and operations. A Chartered Accountant, Simon has 20 years' experience including finance leadership roles at Dealogic, NYSE Euronext and Discovery Networks.

Jonathan Paul

Head of Product Strategy

JP joined Caplin in June 2010 as a Junior Software Engineer in Test. After five years in Engineering, he joined the Product department and now leads Caplin’s Product and Design team.

Adam Iley

Director of Engineering

Adam joined Caplin in October 2019 having previously worked at a large asset manager, a distributed systems start-up, a biotech company in Switzerland and IBM. With more than 20 years’ experience in software development and with a focus on forming and leading effective engineering teams, Adam works closely with the teams to deliver on Caplin's mission.

Min Chan

Global Head of Support

Min has 15 years’ client services experience, supporting clients with mission-critical trading platforms, and focuses on a shared collaborative journey with clients, to help achieve their business and technical desired outcomes.

Serena Koivurinta

Senior Product Owner

Serena joined Caplin in May 2019 taking over product ownership of Caplin's FX Products. She brings with her experience in marketing, digital transformation and product development. In her previous consultancy role, she led business analysis and feature development within bespoke software delivery programmes for global financial institutions. She is now managing the FX Product backlog and leading consumer and user research at Caplin.

Mike Salsbury

Engineering Manager

Mike joined Caplin in November 2011 as a QA Lead. A year or so later he was promoted to QA Manager, before switching to Product Development Manager, and now Engineering Manager. He brings to these roles over 25 years’ of experience in insurance, online gaming, defence and finance. Drawing on his experience across QA, development and project management, Mike now focuses on enabling agile teams to consistently deliver quality software.

Hannah Wright

Head of Professional Services

Hannah joined Caplin in March 2013. In her time at Caplin as a project manager she has delivered some of Caplin’s key client projects. Hannah now leads Caplin’s global Professional Services team, responsible for project delivery and client satisfaction.

Michelle Dixon

HR and Office Manager

Michelle joined Caplin in 2014 and progressed to HR and Office Manager, having completed her CIPD Level 5 Diploma, as supported by the company. Michelle focuses on employee engagement and wellbeing for our dedicated and hard-working Caplin team, as well as managing the admin team and office.

Marc Labuhn

Infrastructure Manager

Marc started his career at Caplin as a junior infrastructure engineer in 2009. Over the years he has helped Caplin adopt new technologies such as virtualisation, containerisation and cloud hosting, and now leads the Infrastructure and Release Engineering team, providing the tools Caplin needs to develop their products.

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