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Provide an outstanding trading experience that enables traders to be more productive. FX Professional gives you full order management, advanced workflows tuned to the needs of real traders, rich pre-trade support and post-trade allocation tools.

A user experience that supports real workflows

Migrate clients from high-cost voice channels to low-cost online trading.

Easily integrated with your pricing and trading systems.

Deliver a solution to your customers in the shortest possible time.

ESP Tiles: Caplin FX Professional enables users to perform one-click trading on an executable streaming FX rate. This rich set of functionality is standard and is easily extensible and customisable.

FX Professional
FX Professional

RFS Tickets: Caplin FX Professional offers Request for Stream (RFS) and Request for Quote (RFQ) trade tickets. These support spot, forward and swap trades, with full display of spot rate, forward points, near and far leg points, and swap points.

Pop-up as event occurs: Alerting is a common requirement in trading apps. So, Caplin FX Professional provides event notifications that implement an alert system to notify users as trading events, such as order fills and partial fills, occur.

FX Professional


The Caplin FX Mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Smartphones and tablets are supported with a responsive design suited to the size of the device. Caplin FX Mobile can be deployed as a native app or as a web app.

FX Professional