Caplin FX Professional enables you to capture more flow from professional traders by providing them with a reliable, efficient and convenient trading screen that they will really want to use

Customisable trading environment with powerful layout management.

Monitor the market with watchlists, real time charts and notifications.

Better utilise sales teams by encouraging clients to place routine trades online.

Trade quickly and easily from any web browser, anywhere in the world.


ESP Tiles

Caplin FX Professional enables users to perform one-click trading on executable streaming rates. This rich set of functionality is standard and is easily customised and extended.

RFS Tickets

Caplin FX Professional offers Request for Stream (RFS) and Request for Quote (RFQ) trade tickets. These support spot, forward and swap trades, with full display of spot rate; forward points; near and far leg points; and swap points.

Order Tickets

Caplin FX Professional supports single orders (TP, SL, market, and call) and strategies (if done, OCO, and if done then OCO).

Users can set time in force, time to trade, email/SMS notifications, actions for partial fills, and more.

Block Trades

Cost-effectively execute large numbers of trades in a currency pair across multiple accounts.

Reduce transaction costs by executing only the net difference for each tenor, while recording the original trades, and their account allocation, in the blotter.

All trades in the same currency pair and dealt currency trade at the same rate and succeed or fail together.


Caplin FX Professional provides visual notifications for trading events such as order fills and partial fills, and a notification tray for managing missed notifications.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Caplin FX Professional is fully compatible with Caplin FX Mobile, Caplin’s solution for trading and order management on-the-move. Blotters and watchlists in FX Professional synchronise seamlessly in real time with FX Mobile, providing your clients with a fully-integrated experience.


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