Caplin Core Securities is a ready-made starting point for an equities single-dealer platform, and can be integrated with any equity trading system.
The market for active equities trading is broadening to include an ever-larger number of small participants. To serve these smaller customers, banks are rolling out web-based equity trading as an alternative to the traditional approach of heavyweight client-side OMS/EMS installations and FIX connectivity. Caplin has helped both global and regional banks to launch their own equities single-dealer platforms.


  • Caplin Core Securities includes current and historic blotters; a market explorer for securities searching and watchlist creation; a market depth display; market and limit order tickets; alerts; and allocations.
  • It gives you complete freedom to rapidly create your own order strategies, while our highly customizable order entry features include support for order slicing, algo execution and FIX ATDL.
  • The unique market explorer feature provides users with comprehensive instrument discovery, capable of searching a database of millions of securities in less than a second.
  • To enhance your offering further, choose from a range of additional features such as sophisticated charting, trade ideas, research and analytics. For the latest list of available features, contact us.
  • Caplin's Professional Services team is always available to work with you to specify, project manage and develop your own unique trading application, whether desktop or mobile.
  • The Caplin equities solution is easy to embed as a seamless part of a multi-asset offering.

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