Modernise your foreign exchange business with our cloud-hosted FX SaaS trading platform

Caplin's pricing and order management engine, Caplin One, and our full suite of FX trading applications for your sales team and corporate customers, are now available as a SaaS solution.

Caplin's expertise in providing tailored user experiences, delivered with the resilience and security of Amazon's AWS cloud platform can provide you with a fully tailored single dealer platform in record time.

Fully ISO27001 compliant.

Fully managed allowing you to spend more time on your customers' workflow needs

Hosted on the AWS cloud platform for the highest levels of security, performance and flexibility

A full suite of solutions with tailored user experiences, from your fx corporate clients through to your internal sales people and traders

Choose Caplin One, Caplin's pricing and order management engine, or integrate with your existing pricing and trading systems

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