Professional traders, corporate clients and your own staff all need to keep an eye on markets and their positions throughout the day. With Caplin FX Mobile, you can offer your clients real-time information and trading on phones.

Monitor prices, make trades, and manage orders anytime, anywhere.

Customisable push notifications. Notify users of filled orders and more.

Support for Apple iOS and Google Android phones.

Protect your users: require multi-factor authentication to trade and place orders.

Your App

Deliver your app to your users, with simple styling and branding.


Order Management

Users can monitor and manage their orders while away from their desks or when on the move.

Live orders are sorted by closeness to market using a heat map colour indicator.

Predefined filters are provided for active orders, completed orders, deactivated orders and cancelled orders, and you can create custom filters for your users to suit specific needs.

Order Submission

Users can submit take profit, stop loss, if-done and OCO orders.

Users can enter target rates using a keypad and by using intuitive increment and decrement controls to alter the rate by set amounts.

Trade History

Users can review a list of their recent trades. A predefined filter is provided for unsettled trades, and you can create custom filters for your users to suit specific needs.

Tapping a trade in the list reveals the full details of the trade.

Trade Details

Tapping an entry in the trade history reveals the full details for the trade.

Execute Trades

Tapping on a currency pair in a watchlist provides access to FX Mobile's trading interface.

FX Mobile was designed with an innovative safety lock on executable rates prevents accidental trades.

Users can be granted one of three levels of access to FX Mobile: read-only, order management, and full execution. Security can be further enhanced by requiring multi-factor authentication for the order management and full execution levels.


Users can access live price-history charts for currency pairs from the trade and order entry screens.

Users can zoom and pan charts, and adjust the sample period.


FX Mobile supports customisable push notifications. Notify your users of order fills, trade executions, and more.


Watchlists provide users with fast access to live rates, enabling them to keep in touch with the market wherever they are.

You can customise the default set of watchlists provided by FX Mobile, and users can create their own watchlists, grouping currency pairs in any combination and order to suit their needs.

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