06 September, 2023
Post-trade productivity boost

Keith Hill identifies steps that banks can take to improve productivity in post-trade workflows.

28 March, 2023
Active Market Space - Bank Tools to Solve Global Markets Workflow Challenges

In Spring 2019, our CEO John Ashworth wrote an article that was published in Profit and Loss Magazine on the Past and Future of Single Dealer Platforms and Portals. We looked at the technology drivers and what we saw as the current trends in that space. Based on our conversations with clients, this update looks at whether there have been significant changes since then.

16 January, 2023
A mobile revolution

Over the past 24 months, Caplin has seen a significant increase in interest from banks in both developed and emerging markets to offer a mobile application to their corporate and institutional FX clients. In this article, we examine some of the drivers at large.

18 July, 2022

Caplin recently ran an innovation day together with Standard Bank to generate new ideas for our electronic trading platforms.

28 January, 2021
Empowering your sales team

How banks can leverage new technology to overcome the risks and constraints of Covid-19

By Keith Hill
Advisory Board Member

08 January, 2021
Fintech Focus TV COVID-19 SPECIAL

Caplin CTO Steve South joins Toby Babb for an episode of Fintech Focus TV. He shares his insights into the growth of cloud-based trading, the challenges and solutions around the rapid adoption of new technology, as well as his approach and pursuit of dynamic, successful innovation.