19 March, 2019
Presenting at UKSTAR 2019

This March I presented at UKSTAR 2019 , the UK’s fastest growing software testing conference.

19 March, 2019
Why I Chose People Management

I was a software tester, quality engineer and a software developer in test for 10 years. Basically, I wrote code daily. Although I enjoy writing code, I felt I wanted to do something bigger. Something that would make an impact on people’s lives.

19 March, 2019
QCon 2019 – day 3

It’s the third and final day at QCon London 2019 and a brand-new set of themed tracks is awaiting us, covering a broad range of topics from cloud architecture, JavaScript, chaos engineering, research in practice to less technical topics in the career hacking and tech ethics tracks.

19 March, 2019
HackDay 2018: Condensing Vapour

Here at Caplin we’ve been thinking about how to improve our cloud offering for a while. Our software stack, of course, works quite happily using any combination of virtualisation, containerisation that can be chosen – indeed we only use physical hardware ourselves for bare metal benchmarking and stress testing.

19 March, 2019
QCon 2019 - day 2

Peter Morgan gave an introduction into Intelligence and its types. “Who broke Prod?”, by Emma Button, was all about your company’s culture and how to deal with situations when things go wrong. Bernd Ruecker gave a talk on Complex Event Flows in Distributed Systems. The talk Reactive Systems Architecture by Jan Machacek and Matthew Squire, was again about regaining sight into our distributed systems by using tools for observability and monitoring.

19 March, 2019
QCon 2019 - day 1

Talks from Stuart Davidson, Jessica Tai, Matthew Cornford

19 March, 2019
QA Financial Forum London 2019

QAFFL is a one day conference focusing on QA in Finance: a series of talks and panels covering QA practices and experiences, with established banks, challenger banks, regulators and the audience all providing their own viewpoints.

19 March, 2019
Hack Day 2018: Grafical Dudezz

The DFW’s command-line interface already significantly reduces the complexity of deploying the components in a Caplin Platform stack, but in the interest of giving ‘Power to the People’, we set ourselves the goal of making it even easier to use by giving it a GUI.

10 December, 2018
Hack Day 2017: TimeCube

Make completing timesheets easier by using a physical device to record time spent on tasks.

12 September, 2018
Hack Day 2017: Onwards Defrosted Tuna

For Hack DAay 2017, the Onwards Defrosted Tuna team decided to leverage the Caplin Platform to enable a web application to initiate and terminate calls on a user’s smartphone.

26 April, 2018
AppiumConf 2018

On 6 April 2018, the Appium developer community held their first conference: AppiumConf 2018.

26 April, 2018
Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster

Caplin is slowly migrating from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes. This guide provides an overview to setting up a Kubernetes Cluster on three CentOS 7 servers.

05 January, 2018
Hack Day 2017: Revolutionising the office facilities

Our two man team decided to tackle a serious problem in the Caplin office and revolutionise the office facilities all at once!

05 January, 2018
Hack Day 2017: Exporting website pages to an e-book

For my project this year, I set myself the challenge of exporting the online documentation for Caplin Liberator to the offline world of an e-reader: the Amazon Kindle.

27 November, 2017
Caplin at Silicon Milkroundabout

Last Sunday, Caplin attended the Silicon Milkroundabout in the Old Truman Brewery, near Brick Lane. Mike, John, Pat and Jana presented Caplin’s technology and spoke with a lot of IT professionals about the exciting opportunities available at Caplin.

23 November, 2017
Front-end Containerisation at Caplin

Over the last few months, we have been working on using Docker to produce efficient containers for our front end solutions.

13 October, 2017
Microsecond timestamp logging for MiFID II

From 3 January 2018, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) introduces new requirements for the granularity of transaction-event time-stamps.

13 October, 2017
Caplin at JAX London 2017

Just like last year, this October Caplin attended JAX London – the 'Conference for Java & Software Innovation'.

12 October, 2017
Continuous Integration in a Monolithic Repository

A monolithic repository is a giant repository that holds multiple projects. The move towards monolithic repositories has been popularised over the past couple of years by tech giants Facebook and Google, stating advantages such as simplified dependency management and improved code reuse. However, this approach introduces new challenges to continuous delivery.

04 October, 2017
Dev Week: Storybook and Jest

On the eve of the Caplin Trader 5 release, which embraces new JavaScript technologies and the Node.js community, my team decided to take a look at using Storybook and Jest to test our web applications.

27 September, 2017
Dev Week: Debugging Mocked Kotlin Objects

The Caplin Integration Team has recently started creating our latest set of adapters used for internal testing and demos. For this version of our mock adapters we opted to go with Kotlin as our primary language. This has however introduced some rather interesting issues when testing.

22 September, 2017
Dev Week: Changing the Face of Jenkins at Caplin

At Caplin, we have been trying to improve the lives of the developers by giving them easier access to CI configuration. We have recently moved from having multiple CI servers to having a single, well-administered Jenkins server. This was a new server instance built around the idea of the Jenkins DSL Plugin and "configuration as code". Unfortunately, coming from a CI server that previously focussed on pipelines, we had a bit of a challenge to make the Jenkins ethos accessible to developers.

15 September, 2017
Dev Week: Benchmarking Containers and Fine-tuning Latency

As my project for Dev Week 2017 in Caplin, I worked on automating the benchmarking of Liberator's serving of container subscriptions.

13 September, 2017
Dev Week: Money Market POC

For my Dev Week project I developed a POC in which I integrated Reuters Money Market functionality within our RET Toolkit API.

13 September, 2017
Dev Week: Static-site Generation

For Caplin Dev Week in July this year I ran a proof-of-concept migration of our developer website to a static-site generator.

20 February, 2017
Hack Day: Live Coding Music

This year, the Caplin Hack Day theme was 'Into the Unknown'. Basically, we were allowed to do anything, as long as it was something new. So I did what everyone else did: I looked at my weird-things-that-I-would-like-to-try-one-day list.

01 February, 2017
Hack Day: Team Firefly

Permissioning and Entitlement is one of the most critical functions of any financial trading system. Ensuring that your clients are entitled to perform their required actions and denied from all other actions is important not only for security and convenience, but it can also be a legal requirement.

04 January, 2017
SeleniumConf 2016: Screenplay Pattern

This blog is based on a talk presented by Antony Marcano in SeleniumConf 2016. The Screenplay Pattern (formerly known as the Journey Pattern) is a design pattern for writing acceptance tests, and is based on SOLID principles of object-oriented design.

05 December, 2016
SeleniumConf 2016: Big Data Makes the Flake Go Away

In November 2016, Dave Cadwallader, the speaker and creator of TestArmada, delivered a good talk on parallel testing and how to use data visualisation and statistics to help us tackle flakiness in tests.

25 November, 2016
SeleniumConf 2016: Selenium’s Flawed Vision

"WebDriver exception: element is not clickable at point ..." This exception is familiar to most QAs who work with Selenium. In 2016's SeleniumConf, I attended the talk "Is it, or is it not, really visible -- Selenium's flawed vision" in the hope of gaining greater insight into how Selenium visualises a web page.

30 October, 2015
Incremental UX

The Agile approach has in many organisations become the expected way of working. There have been many articles and books around the challenges of designing in an agile environment. When building a...

21 October, 2015
JAX 2015

I attended JAX London 2015 conference, a 2-day conference for software engineers and DevOps. The talks in conference focused on the fields of Java, microservices, continuous delivery, and DevOps, together with agile methodology and lean business.

14 September, 2015
Caplin Hack Day VII Ninjatron Analytics

It was that time of the year again for UX designers and engineers to down tools from the usual day-to-day work items and spend 24 hours for the Caplin Hack Day...

14 September, 2015
Caplin Hack Day VII TimeSheets by TimeWarp

On this years Caplin Hackday we decided to rewrite the timesheet tool used by the company to track time spent on projects and in general. The current timesheet can be very user unfriendly at times...

02 August, 2015
Forward Tenor Indicator

FX Tiles provide the ability to trade and view the rates of FX currency pairs. The Caplin FX Tiles are configurable, allowing users to set both the volume and the settlement or value date of the Tiles, to subscribe to relevant rates. One of the issues with this configuration however...

15 May, 2015
Regional banks upping their game, as Standard Bank rolls out an award winning SDP

It was great to see that Standard Bank’s newly upgraded SDP eMarketTrader has just been voted ‘Best Super Regional Bank SDP’ in the Profit & Loss 2015 Digital FX Awards.

27 April, 2015
Caplin Wins Award for Third Year in a Row

For the third year running Caplin was delighted to scoop an award at the Sell-Side Technology Awards.

26 April, 2015
How should Investment Banks capitalise on the new Apple Watch for financial trading?

With the launch of the Apple Watch Caplin wanted to board the wearable tech bandwagon. We wanted to ask the questions why and how should a sell-side Investment Bank want to use wearable tech?

14 April, 2015
Review: 24 Hours With The Play Framework

For the recent Caplin hackathon we built a dashboard that allows an administrator to read and curate a real-time stream of news items from a variety of sources. He can then annotate selected items with his own comments and broadcast them out to all the connected users of our trading application.

14 April, 2015
Wholesale & Investment Banking Outlook 2015

According to an excellent new report from Oliver Wyman and Morgan Stanley, financial regulation and QE are at the heart of a huge shift in liquidity risk from banks to the buy-side, which is increasingly a concern for policy makers.

16 March, 2015
When liquidity disappeared

FXCM has published a very interesting account of what they saw in terms of pricing in EURCHF from their bank liquidity providers in the seconds and minutes following the SNB decision to remove the 1.2000 peg at 04:30 on January 15th.

03 March, 2015
EBS sees large drop in Feb 15 vols down over 27%

EBS the leading FX ECN has reported a large drop in FX volumes in Feb 2015 down some $35.5bln/day (-27.4%) compared to the strong start to the year as previously reported, which saw Jan 15 vols of $129.6bln/day (+23.7%), although still some 12.7% up on Feb 2014.

19 December, 2014
CLS FX Nov14: Vols down

A -2.3% drop in the average daily value of FX trades settled through their platform in Nov 2014.

17 November, 2014
New CEO for Caplin Systems

With immediate effect, John Ashworth succeeds founder, Paul Caplin, who remains on the Board as Executive Chairman.

10 November, 2014
HackDay 6 – Hack-o-we’en roundup

Another 24-hour coding-fest at Caplin

09 October, 2014
Latest white paper: Trading On The Move

New Caplin survey highlights the gap between demand and supply for mobile trading in FX

03 October, 2014
Caplin office opens in Singapore

The move comes in response to increased regional demand for Caplin’s products and services.

17 August, 2014
FX mobile trading app launched

Built in HTML, the new app enables a bank’s clients to monitor and manage FX orders via their smartphones and tablets.

16 July, 2014
Caplin wins best trading technology vendor

The single-dealer platform provider beats off stiff competition to take the 2014 crown for best trading technology vendor

10 July, 2014
New EVP for The Americas - Ed Magee

Ed will be based in Caplin’s New York office.

08 May, 2014
Nordea Markets choose Caplin Liberator

Nordea will use Caplin Liberator to deliver real-time trade messages and market data to and from subscribers over its capital markets e-distribution channel, tunnelling automatically through proxy servers and firewalls.

08 May, 2014
Winner for the second year

Caplin was delighted to scoop an award at the Sell-Side Technology Awards, held in New York earlier this month. Last year Caplin won the award for Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm with ZKB and this year Caplin's FX Motif won the award for Best Sell-Side Web-Based Development Environment.

16 February, 2014
Caplin Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

London, New York, 17th February 2014 E-distribution specialist Caplin Systems announces John Ashworth as its new Chief Operating Officer.

14 January, 2014
FastMatch selects Caplin to front FX ECN

New York, 14 January 2014 - Caplin Systems today announced that FastMatch, the foreign exchange ECN co-owned by BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse and FXCM, has selected Caplin, the web trading technology company, to develop the new electronic distribution platform for its spot FX matching service.

17 December, 2013
Season’s Greetings from Caplin Systems

Season's Greetings from everyone at Caplin Systems! We hope you've been enjoying the holiday season and that you're looking forward to spending the holidays with family and loved ones as much as we are. Rest assured though - Caplin is still open for business as usual! Here's wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2014!

10 December, 2013
Caplin at Waters USA

On December 9th, we exhibited at Waters USA at the New York Marriot Marquis. There was a great flow of traffic to our stand and we enjoyed meeting lots of new people and seeing some familiar faces amongst the crowd.

09 December, 2013
Caplin launches direct FX e-distribution service

London and New York, 9 December 2013 - Caplin Systems today announced the launch of Caplin Direct, a breakthrough in FX e-distribution. Delivered as a hosted, managed service, Caplin Direct is designed for banks that want a custom FX single-dealer platform, but have previously been held back by the cost and technical challenges involved. Caplin Direct eliminates these barriers by delivering a fully operational single-dealer platform as a service. It works "out of the box" while still allowing unlimited branding, customization and extension with unique features and workflows.

27 November, 2013
FX Week Europe 2013

Caplin is at FXWeek Europe today, so if you at the event, please come on over and say hi to the team. Paul Caplin, CEO, spoke on the 11.30 Panel discussion on "The future of e-FX: taking advantage of key trends and serving the client". which will be looked at:

19 November, 2013
Caplin at the European Trading Architecture Summit 2013

A big thanks to Incisive Media for today's European Trading Architecture Summit (ETAS) at the Canary Wharf Hilton. The Caplin team was kept very busy with a great flow of visitors to our stand, some of whom came to play European Trading Architecture Summit our Hit the Numbers game while others got a chance to check out a demo of our new FX Motif. A big thanks as well to Peter Van Kleef (Managing Director, Lakeview Capital) for moderating the lively 11:20 panel "The time is now: a real-time trading environment" which featured Caplin Chief Technology Officer Patrick Myles.

09 October, 2013
Caplin and ITRS Group demo real-time monitoring for single-dealer platforms

London and New York - October 9th 2013 - Caplin, market leader in single-dealer platforms, and ITRS, leading global provider of performance monitoring and management technology, will be demonstrating the new Geneos plug-in live at the Caplin stand at the European Trading Architecture Summit on November 19th in London.

23 September, 2013
Caplin Launches First Motif for FX

London - September 23rd 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, market leader in single-dealer platform technology, today announced the launch of its FX Motif, the first in a series of tools that will act as ready-made starting points for building single-dealer platforms. Three major regional banks have already signed up to use the motif.

24 April, 2013
ZKB and Caplin Win Waters Technology Award for Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm

New York, April 24th 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, the web trading technology company, and Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) have won the Waters Technology award for “Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm" at the inaugural Sell-Side Technology Awards held last night at the New York Marriott Marquis. The awards, which recognises the leading sell-side technology achievements, are decided by a panel of eight judges including sell-side CIOs/consultants and Waters and senior staff.

18 April, 2013
Caplin and OpenFin partner to accelerate HTML5 adoption

Joint solution speeds development and improves user experience New York and London, April 18th 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, the web trading technology company, and OpenFin, a provider of finance-grade runtime technology, today announced a partnership that brings together the companies' market leading product offerings in a move to accelerate the adoption of HTML5 for development of high-performance trading applications.

12 February, 2013
Caplin enhances trading and data support for Android and iOS devices

New products provide unprecedented functionality for native apps London and New York - February 12th 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, web trading technology company, today announced the immediate availability of Caplin StreamLink Android and an updated version of Caplin StreamLink iOS - allowing customers to build mobile trading apps whatever the native platform.

23 January, 2013
Standard Bank selects Caplin Trader for multi-asset online trading

London, New York and Johannesburg - January 23rd 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, web trading specialist and market leader in single-dealer platform technology, today announced that the corporate and investment banking division of Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa, has chosen Caplin to provide the framework for its new single-dealer platform (SDP).

21 November, 2012
Jyske Bank partners with Caplin and Progress Software to deliver FX solution

London and New York - November 21, 2012 - Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) and Caplin Systems Ltd. have today announced they are partnering to provide a fully-integrated, end-to-end FX e-commerce solution for Jyske Bank, one of Denmark's largest banks.

14 November, 2012
The first production-ready web trading solution built entirely in HTML5

London and New York, 14 November 2012. Caplin Systems Ltd, web trading specialist and market leader in single-dealer platform technology, today launches Caplin Trader 3, a new web trading solution built on the HTML5 standard. Caplin Trader 3 allows financial institutions to bring sophisticated, highly differentiated online trading offerings that work across all mobile devices, to market - more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.