It isn’t just your clients who need high-performance screen-based trading tools. FX Sales is a fast and streamlined solution for your sales people, whether they are reacting to a client call or initiating one.

Increase sales productivity: serve more clients faster.

Review your clients' trade histories to provide the best service to your clients.

Trade on behalf of clients on the phone, and monitor pricing in digital channels.

Fully auditable: adheres to transparency and best-execution rules.

We Offer

Client Selection

Gain quick access to clients and users using intuitive search facilities.

Trading for Clients

Trade on behalf of clients with full control over rates and margins.

Decision Support

Supportive information for the sales user when making trading decisions.


Client Dashboard

The client dashboard displays information about the client, including streaming rates that can be clicked to launch the trading workflow.

Different components can be placed on the right-hand side to suit the sales user.

Client Information and Search

The client and user search panel is accessible from all parts of the application. It provides an intuitive search facility and quick access to the profiles of recently accessed clients and users.

Client Rates

View streaming rates for the client's recently and most frequently traded currency pairs, inclusive of the default margin for the client.

Blotters and Logs

Filterable trade history and activity logs for the client, either in full screen or smaller component form.

Trading for Clients

The main function of Caplin FX Sales is to allow sales users to trade on behalf of their clients through an efficient workflow that provides all the relevant information to your sales teams.

Currency Pair Selection

Fast and easy currency pair selection, with access to recently traded and most frequently traded currency pairs.

Spot, Forwards & Swaps

Trade on behalf of clients in spot, forwards, and swaps (even and uneven).

Sales Intervention

Monitor and intervene in the automatic pricing of quote requests and provide manual prices for requests that fail credit checks.

Control Margins

Compose live quotes with full control over margins and client rates, including spot rate, forward points, and all-in rate.

Lock Client Rate

Lock your quote's client rate when you are ready to send your quote to the client.

Live Margin Indicator

After locking a quote's client rate, monitor the effect of price movements on the margin.

Reset Margin

When price movements invalidate a fixed-rate quote, get a new price to the client quickly by restoring the quote's margins with a single click.


Submit and manage orders on behalf of clients.

Live Margin Indicator

When quoting a fixed-rate to a client, the trade button and the all-in-margin gauge illustrate how price movements affect the quote's margin.

If the margin drops below zero, then the trade button highlights as red. The Default and Locked buttons restore the margin to its default or original value, and help you get back to the client with a new quote fast.

Adjusting Margins

The sales user has full control over margins on spot rates and forward points.

Client rates adjust accordingly as margins change and as the trader rate ticks.

Lock Client Rate

Once the margins have been set, the client rate can be locked. This allows client rates (spot, points or all-in) to be adjusted without them being affected by the live ticking trader rate.

Once the client rate is locked, the trade button is enabled and the all-in-margin gauge tracks the margin as the trader rate ticks.

Trade Decision Support

Information relevant to the selected client and the currency pair being traded helps the sales user to make decisions on adjusting margins.

Activity Log

A log of all activity relating to the client and the currency pair being traded. This includes trades, missed trades and sales notes.


A quick view of the day's movement for the currency pair being traded.

Trades and Orders

A list of all trades and working orders for the selected client.

Customisable functionality

CRM Integration

Easy integration with customer relationship management systems.


Metrics and trends around client usage, including hit rates and other client behaviour.

Deal Management

Enable sales users to provide manual prices for quote requests that fail credit checks.

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