Originally created for one of the world’s largest global derivatives brokers, our e-trading solution allows you to have a customized futures e-Commerce offering up and running in a matter of months.
The futures trading community now extends well outside its traditional origins in agriculture, energy and commodities to include participants ranging from large hedge funds to individual retail investors. As the market broadens, highly scalable lightweight web delivery is becoming increasingly important.


  • Features available out of the box include intuitive navigation and instrument discovery; quote tiles; heat maps; charts; multi-function ladders; deal blotters; position management; spreads; option chains; multi-currency account information; account flattening; notifications; and much more.
  • Caplin’s Professional Services team is always available to help you specify, project manage and develop your own unique trading app based on this foundation. Virtually every aspect of the application’s functionality, appearance, content and style can be modified to achieve your vision for a customer-facing web interface.
  • Caplin’s extensible trade model can be configured to support any OTC or exchange traded product.
  • Caplin’s Integration Suite links to any backend OMS/EMS or connectivity hub for direct market access to any venue, either using FIX or via your existing APIs.
  • The Caplin futures solution is easy to embed as a seamless part of a multi-asset offering.

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