At Caplin Design, we design and build real-time web trading applications for major financial institutions all over the world.
If you’re looking to create a ground-breaking new service for your trading users, Caplin Design can help you take advantage of the unique experiences built up over more than ten years as the leading provider of web trading technology and services in the financial domain.

Our ethos

Maximize speed & accuracy

Minimize error & fatigue

Streamline our users workflow

Create pleasing, practical interfaces

Uphold clients brand values

Use appropriate technology

Our Work

Design thinking

We utilise a Design thinking framework which takes into consideration the needs of users (human-centric design), the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success, to aid in achieving an innovative and successful solution. These key areas are considered throughout the design process and incorporate various team member input and expertise.

Products needs

We understand that to create a successful product, equal focus and attention needs to be given to the core needs and requirements of a product.

We ustilise a hierarchy of product needs to guide our decision making process, ensuring first and foremost, we create products that are functional and reliable, secondly, are easy to use and lastly are pleasing to use.

Our Clients

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