Caplin One offers a revolutionary full-stack trading solution

Rapid implementation with a full-stack solution delivered within 3 months

Capture client deal flow at a fraction of the cost through your own branded platform

Grow your client base by offering next-generation targeted trading GUIs

Improve execution via close integration of liquidity, hedging and order management

We offer

Full-stack FX integration

Caplin One’s tightly integrated trading stack ensures low latencies, achieves high hit-ratios and provides you with total control of every trade.

Full suite of FX front-ends

Caplin’s award winning FX Suite provides distinct HTML5 applications designed for your traders, sales teams, and clients.

Full control over margining and tiering

Caplin One’s administration GUI provides powerful and effortless control over margining and tiering.


Fully compliant

Caplin One is built to help you comply with all regulatory and compliance requirements, both now and in the future.

Caplin One provides both your clients and regulators with clear and accurate reports regardless of market conditions.

Caplin One’s comprehensive recording of trade data provides detailed execution reports that allow in-depth analysis.

Full execution range

Caplin One supports the execution of spot, forward and swap trades, and the placement and filling of limit orders.

Your clients can execute trades and place orders via both desktop or mobile, and your sales team can execute deals on their behalf with a powerful sales interface.

Caplin One’s order management system benefits from tight integration with Caplin One’s pricing and trading engines to fill orders quickly and effectively.

Full administrative control

Simple onboarding

Onboard and manage your clients with ease through our intuitive GUIs or using our comprehensive REST APIs.

Client permission management

Mange your clients’ entitlements by integrating with your existing systems.

Tiering on a user, client or account level

Tier and margin your clients in a flexible and transparent manner.

Flexible integration

A full range of ECN and Tier 1 LPs or your own liquidity provider

Caplin One integrates with pricing streams from liquidity providers, ECNs or your own price streaming platforms.

Your booking system

Caplin One integrates with your booking system in realtime, ensuring all orders and trades are visible no matter which channel they originate from.

Your risk, credit and CRM systems

Caplin One integrates with your existing systems to determine client entitlements and trading limits.

Caplin One leverages our innovative GUIs

Trader GUIs for the trading desk

Empower your traders to manage their positions and react to the market with the powerful Trader GUI. Manage hedging strategies and intervene on client quotes with ease.

Integrated GUI for sales traders

Trade on your clients' behalf with our fast and streamlined solution for your sales team, whether reacting to a call or proactively initiating one.

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Intuitive GUIs for your corporate clients

Drive self-service dealing with Caplin’s intuitive trading interfaces designed with corporate users in mind.

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Trading on the go

Whether simply checking the market or managing orders and performing trades, Caplin's FX Mobile keeps your clients connected.

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