The first production-ready web trading solution built entirely in HTML5

November 14, 2012

Caplin Trader 3 - the next-generation online trading technology for desktop and mobile devices

London and New York, 14 November 2012. Caplin Systems Ltd, web trading specialist and market leader in single-dealer platform technology, today launches Caplin Trader 3, a new web trading solution built on the HTML5 standard. Caplin Trader 3 allows financial institutions to bring sophisticated, highly differentiated online trading offerings that work across all mobile devices, to market - more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

Caplin Trader 3 runs on the Caplin Platform, the company’s high-performance online trading infrastructure. Together the two technologies allow customers to provide web trading services for a range of asset classes and devices faster and at lower cost than ever before. It comes with essential tools allowing customers to style, brand, extend and differentiate their offerings and is a prerequisite for building single-dealer platforms.

Built using BladeRunner, an HTML5 framework for enterprise-scale apps, Caplin Trader 3 ensures maximum developer productivity and maintainability. This reduces cost and time to market, simplifies development, and reduces implementation risk. It enables trading GUIs to be assembled out of ‘blades’ – reusable business components such as tickets, blotters, price grids and charts. Caplin Trader 3 also introduces the concept of a ‘motif,’ a ready-made trading GUI targeting a specific asset class and user segment. Caplin offers a rapidly-growing growing library of motifs, for asset classes such as FX, fixed income, and futures and options. Each motif captures the needs and preferences of real end users in areas such as hedge funds, corporates, real money managers, banks and retail. They are designed to provide all the core functionality that the targeted users demand, while being easy to extend and customize.

Paul Caplin, CEO, says, “HTML5 is a technology whose time has come, and we are excited to be leading the way in offering Caplin Trader 3, the first production-ready HTML5 trading solution. There are huge advantages in adopting a standard that is future-proof, highly efficient, and productive, and that works across all devices.”

With a recent survey showing that over 70% of developers in financial services are looking to support web apps on mobile devices, and tablet sales continuing to rise at exceptional rates2, the need for banks to go mobile has never been stronger.
“By harnessing the flexibility of HTML5 technology, Caplin Trader 3 provides seamless support for all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablet – from one codebase, eliminating the hassle and cost of building multiple solutions,” he concludes.

Caplin Trader 3 is available now for evaluation, and additional Motifs are scheduled for release over the coming months.

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