What if accessing Liberator’s financial data required just a single log in? KeyMaster keeps the log in process highly secure whilst eliminating multiple prompts for authentication details.

KeyMaster diagram revised



Using public key cryptography, KeyMaster implements digitally signed tokens that can be used interchangeably with user log in details, providing a highly secure process of authentication.

Simplicity and Convenience

KeyMaster removes the administrative burden of multiple user log ins to web-streaming servers like Liberator. Complimenting an existing SSO system, users need only log in once in any session.


KeyMaster delivers seamless integration with other Caplin components and 3rd party software, including SSO and user permissions systems and web applications/servers.


KeyMaster provides a rapid and self-sufficient process of logging into Liberator via StreamLink. Upon initial authentication, KeyMaster works behind the scenes to maintain user access to Liberator’s data.