FX Integration API

The FX Integration API is a Java library that you can use to quickly and easily integrate the Caplin FX Suite with your backend systems.

The library consists of a set of APIs designed to provide the data in the format expected by Caplin FX Suite.

The FX Integration API fully supports the core features of the Caplin FX Suite, including:

  • Streaming FX rates

  • ESP (Executable Streaming Price) trading

  • RFS (Request For Stream) trading

  • FX Orders


Faster development

The FX Integration API is a high-level API that includes much of the boilerplate code required to create and send messages using the DataSource API. Your custom code is faster to write and easier to test.

Designed for Caplin FX Suite

The FX Integration API provides data in the format expected by the Caplin FX Suite. You can write integration adapters that are immediately compatible with the suite, without needing to know the full details of the suite’s messaging specification.