Discovery provides features that enable Caplin Platform deployments to take advantage of the scalability of cloud environments.


Web monitoring UI

Discovery’s monitoring interface provides a deployment-wide view of Discovery-registered DataSources, the connections between them, and network performance metrics.

Discovery licensing model

Discovery introduces a new licensing model that is both simpler and more flexible. Discovery enforces product instance limits without restricting instances to specific IP addresses, which provides the flexibility to deploy to cloud environments where IP addresses may not be known in advance.

Dynamic peer discovery

Discovery maintains a register of providers and consumers of data services, which allows DataSource applications to find and connect to each other at runtime without the necessity of using add-peer to configure connections between specific DataSources at specific network locations.

Scalable data service definitions

Discovery allows you to define a data service’s list of providing peers by regular expression instead of a series of static labels. Together with peer discovery, this allows you to scale up providing DataSource instances without downtime for reconfiguration.