Caplin Integration Suite 8

The Caplin Integration Suite (CIS) is a suite of five extension libraries that supplement Caplin’s DataSource for Java with foundation features commonly required in web trading applications.

java adapter architecture diagram


Java integration libraries

Five extension libraries that supplement DataSource for Java:

  • Java Trading API: manage trading workflows

  • Java Blotter API: implement trade blotters based on DataSource containers

  • Java Notification API: publish in-app notifications

  • Java Charting API: publish charting data to be consumed by Transformer’s Charting Service

  • Java Permissioning API: publish permissioning messages to be consumed by the Caplin Permissioning Service, a Liberator auth module.

Integration project templates

Get started quickly with Caplin Platform development by using Caplin’s project templates. Each template includes an example integration project and the build tasks required to package your project as a Caplin Platform Blade.