The world’s foremost financial internet hub, delivering data and messages in real time to and from subscribers over any network.

headimg Liberator


Fast, versatile data delivery

A powerful streaming server, Liberator – along with StreamLink – provides rapid, two-way communication across any network connection or platform, for the most demanding client apps. It streams data to apps in real time, and handles trading transactions.

Extremely high performance

Handling thousands of concurrent users, a single Liberator instance can deliver hundreds of thousands of updates per second, and is specially designed to minimise message latency – a crucial factor for trading applications!

Exceptionally scalable

Designed from scratch to serve large web trading platforms, a single Liberator performs and scales well with different user and data profiles and data rates, but it’s easy to scale this up by using multiple Liberator instances.

Rich objects

Liberator and StreamLink support a rich set of built-in object types designed for financial applications, to which client apps can subscribe. When objects are updated, Liberator informs clients subscribed to them in real time.