Caplin Integration Suite 6

A Java development toolkit that works from either the command line or the Eclipse IDE to help you develop and deploy Caplin Platform blades.

CIS v2 component screenshot


Complete Platform Blade Toolkit

CIS contains all the APIs, libraries, files and folders you need, to create your Caplin Platform blades, allowing you to get your trading system up and running quickly and efficiently.

Swift, Simple Set-up

CIS saves you time and effort, by encapsulating the process of setting up the basic framework of your Platform blades, either from the command line or via our Eclipse plug-in.

Eclipse Integration

The CIS plug-in for the Eclipse IDE makes creating and maintaining Platform blades even easier, with a wizard for setup and configuration, and features that let you run and debug the blade in Eclipse.

Drag and Drop Trade Model Designer

Designing, applying and editing complex trade flows is made easy using our drag and drop GUI. You create a trade-flow diagram; CIS produces the underlying XML!