CIS Libraries

The Caplin Integration Suite (CIS) comprises a command-line toolkit and a suite of Java libraries, which enable you to create various types of Integration Adapters as Platform Blades. Here we explain what these libraries are for.

The table below lists the Java libraries included in the CIS.

Library Use


The core library for any application that provides data to the Caplin Platform. This API is required by all the integration APIs included in the CIS.

The DataSource library can be used on its own to implement a Pricing Adapter that sends price updates for financial instruments to client applications connected to a Liberator.

When the DataSource library is used in conjunction with one or more of the integration APIs in this table, the integration APIs wrap the DataSource library with interfaces for implementing trading, permissioning, blotter, notification, and charting functionality.


Use this library to implement a Trading Adapter that integrates with a trading system. The API handles the trade message flow between the Trading Adapter and Liberator.


Use this library to send permissioning data to Liberator’s optional Permissioning Authentication Module.


Use this library to serve subjects that serve client blotters (for instance, information about each user’s trading activity).


Use this library to send system or enterprise wide alerts to client applications that are connected to a Liberator.


Use this library to store and serve data suitable for populating client-side graphs.

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