Deployment Framework 6

The Caplin Platform Deployment Framework gives you a framework to create feature-packed, fully functional web trading platforms based on the Caplin Platform. You get the framework as a kit that you simply unpack on your Caplin Platform server.

dep framework


Smooth and trouble-free deployment

Platform blades are modules that are used to configure, integrate, or equip core Platform components such as Liberator and Transformer with additional services. The Framework makes light work of deploying Platform blades and components.

Reuse time and time again

You can use the same Framework to develop and test custom Caplin Platform components, to create a back end system for testing new trading apps, and to build a fully-fledged production system.

Easy to maintain, simple to control

When a Caplin Platform component is updated, use the Framework to quickly swap old for new. You can then run simple scripts to quickly activate and deactivate Platform features, and start and stop the system.

Well-defined, modular structure

The Framework’s well defined directory structure is organised in a modular hierarchy. It’s a breeze to do things like locating configuration files.