Update Deployment Framework files

Occasionally you may need to manually update some of the Deployment Framework files. Here’s how to do this.

You can update the files that are located in the directory <Framework-root>/global-config/

  • Update licence files in <Framework-root>/global-config/licenses/

  • Install HTTPS and KeyMaster files in <Framework-root>/global-config/https/ (see Installing Liberator).

  • Override blade configuration by adding files to <Framework-root>/global-config/overrides/<blade-name>/ (see How Can I…​ Customise an existing blade).

Only update files located in the <Framework-root>/global_config/ directory and it’s subdirectories.

Don’t update, move or delete files in any of the other Deployment Framework directories.

Never update, move or delete the file <Framework-root/global_config/activeblades.txt

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