Monitoring Caplin Platform with the CMC

The Caplin Management Console (CMC) is a GUI for monitoring and managing any available data that has been exposed to the monitoring subsystem by a DataSource application (Liberator, Transformer or an Integration Adapter) via JMX (Java Management Extension).

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We have so far used the CMC to observe the network of backend components and how each is connected to another. However, in this tutorial we will use the CMC to examine activity on Liberator in more detail: what objects are available to subscribe to and what client connections are made to the backend.

Subscribe to a Subject and Monitor Activity

The Pricing Integration Adapter is publishing data for a number of FX currency pairs. In this step of the tutorial you’ll use the Liberator Explorer utility as a client to subscribe to one of the subjects. Then you’ll be able to monitor this subscription using the CMC.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Liberator Explorer on your Liberator’s website (un:admin/pw:admin). You will find this by navigating to the Liberator home page on: http://localhost:18080, then click "Diagnostics" on the top nav-bar and follow the link on to Liberator Explorer.

  2. Subscribe to /FX/GBPUSD using Explorer.

  3. Return to CMC and double click on the Liberator blue rectangle. A new window will appear, showing the elements that are connected to Liberator. These are Transformer and the Permissions and Trading Integration Adapters:

  4. Click on the "Objects" tab. Here you will see a list of objects which are currently available in Liberator:

  5. Selecting /FX/GBPUSD will show you all the current values of the Record. By clicking the "Show Sessions" button you can see which users are subscribed to this record. The CMC should show that you have one client subscribed. This client is the Liberator Explorer with username admin:

  6. Alternatively, by clicking on the "Users" tab and then selecting your user (admin) and finally clicking on the "Show Objects" button you can see which records the user is subscribed to:

  7. Return to Liberator Explorer in the browser. Closing the tab will terminate the client and will end all its subscriptions. Return to the CMC - After a minute you will see that the user disappears from the list and is no longer subscribed to the /FX/GBPUSD subject.