Transformer can log many aspects of its operation, to help you check that it’s running correctly and pinpoint the source of any problems arising.

Because Transformer is a DataSource application, it comes with the standard DataSource logging facilities built-in. It also produces a number of subsidiary logs that are dedicated to particular Transformer modules.

Here’s a summary of all the log files that Transformer can create, with links to the configuration items that define the log files and control the amount of detail logged.

Log type Default log filename Related configuration items

Event log

The standard DataSource event log


Packet log

The standard DataSource packet log


Pipeline activity log

The log file in which pipeline messages are recorded.


Cluster log

The Cluster module’s log


Cluster packet log

The log file in which message packets passed between a Transformer and other nodes in the Transformer cluster are recorded.


Java module log

One log file is produced for each Java module loaded into Transformer


For example, jtm.log

Thread queue sizes log

The log file in which the sizes of the thread queues are recorded.


Persistence event log

The log file in which events about persisting data are recorded.


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