CIS Toolkit

The Caplin Integration Suite (CIS) includes the CIS Toolkit: a command-line tool for creating new integration adapter projects and packaging them as Caplin Platform Blades.

Locating the CIS Toolkit

The CIS Toolkit is a Jar file, cis-blade-toolkit-version.jar, in the tools directory of the Caplin Integration Suite.

Entering CIS Toolkit commands

To enter a CIS Toolkit commands, navigate to the tools directory of your CIS installation and enter commands using the syntax shown below:

java -jar cis-blade-toolkit-version.jar command [argument] …

The toolkit supports the following commands:

  • create: creates a new adapter project.

  • build: compiles the Java source code of your project

  • export: packages your project’s binary and configuration files into a zipped Caplin Platform Blade kit, which can then be deployed to a Caplin Deployment Framework.