Customise an existing blade

Here’s how to customise blades that you’ve already deployed, by changing their configuration.

You can do simple customisations of a blade that you’ve deployed, by overriding parts of its configuration.

  1. Create in <Framework-root>/global_config/overrides/ a directory with the name of the blade.

    For example:


  2. Create in this directory the directory structure leading to the configuration file that you wish to override.

    For example:


  3. Create a new configuration file with the appropriate name in this new directory.

    For example:


  4. Add the additional/modified configuration to the file.

    For example:

log-level DEBUG

In the above example, we’ve changed the log-level of the C-based Integration Adapter that’s part of MyAdapterBlade, so that the Adapter logs more detailed information for debug purposes. This setting overrides the log-level setting of INFO in the blade’s standard configuration file <Framework-root>/kits/MyAdapterBlade/MyAdapterBlade/DataSource/etc/myadapter.conf The rest of the configuration in the standard configuration file still applies, so if the standard configuration has a log-dir item, the Adapter’s log file is still generated in that directory.

Don’t delete, change or add to any of the files in the deployed blade itself. That means don’t change anything in <Framework-root>/kits/<blade-name>/ and its subdirectories.

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