Blade types

Each Caplin Platform blade is a self contained set of files. There are three types of blade:

Config blade

This type of blade consists solely of configuration for the Platform’s core components (Liberator and/or Transformer).

Adapter blade

This type of blade connects to, and supplies data to, a Liberator and/or Transformer. It consists of:

  • An Integration Adapter (an executable binary file).

  • Configuration for the Adapter (including its DataSource configuration)

  • Configuration for the core components (Liberator and/orTransformer). This configuration enables the Adapter to exchange data with these core components.

Integration Adapters can be written in Java using the Caplin Integration Suite, or in C using the C DataSource API.

Service blade

This type of blade contains a module written in C, Java, or Lua that is to be loaded into one of the core components; for example, a permissioning auth (authorisation) module that is loaded into Liberator, or Transformer’s Refiner (filtering and sorting) service .

Lua is a scripting language that’s used to write Transformer modules; for more about this, see How Can I…​ Write a Lua Pipeline for Transformer.
Platform blades overview diagram showing blade types