Re-use UI controls, parsers, formatters and styling components across your application. Renderers are also designed to deal with rapidly changing data in the most efficient manner.


Stream Based Data Flow

Renderers are defined using streams for data flow. Format and style the data before it gets to the screen, parse the data before it reaches your application logic.

Code Reuse

Renderer definitions can be reused throughout the application. Renderers can be composed of any combination of stylers, parsers and formatters. Price formatters for example can be shared between grids, tiles and tickets.

Seamless UI integration

Renderer support is built directly into Caplin Grid and Presenter. Renderers can be easily integrated with thirdparty systems by using the JavaScript API.

Designed for Performance

Renderers can handle even the fastest moving financial information, and have built in support for flashing prices. Price updates are buffered so that trade execution takes presedence over updates to the UI.