An MVC (MVVM) framework for creating components in a way that is simple and easy to maintain, keeping your HTML view and JavaScript logic separate

Presenter v2 component screenshot


Based on Open Source Technology

Presenter is based on the open source code library, KnockoutJS. We have enhanced Knockout’s capabilities to make it more versatile, and integrated it with Caplin component APIs.

Separation of Concerns

Knockout’s declarative data-binding system keeps your HTML and JS clean and efficient, while our custom bindings extend Knockout’s native capabilities, allowing for easier handling of more complex data models.

Easy Access to Display Components

You can embed Caplin’s UI components (grids, tickets, tiles and so on) into your presentation models, using a single consistent syntax, making our financial trading facilities simple to configure.

Semantically Rich Models

The semantic richness of our presentation models makes them easy to address using scripted code, ad-hoc queries or external tools, enabling detailed automated acceptance tests to be employed.