FX Professional Features

Caplin FX Professional is delivered with all the key elements you need to set up a robust FX trading front end, such as trade tiles, blotters, order tickets, charts, alerts, pricing grids, block trading wizards, and more. These are available pre-assembled into a fully functioning trading solution, but are also highly configurable and can be used in any combination.

The multi-functional trade tiles offer an exceptional array of features. They support one- or two-click trading across spots, forwards and swaps, can be expanded at a click to become price, forward or swap ladders, and can be popped out to save screen space.

A suite of pre-trade decision tools enables integration of your own research with third-party news services and real-time technical studies. Role-based permissioning supports creation of trading groups and allows head traders to monitor positions using group blotters. A comprehensive orders module covers both single orders and strategies. And fully configurable and searchable trade, position and order blotters provide powerful monitoring and management capabilities.

FX Professional Home

Let’s take a look at the FX Professional Home. This is just one example of how you can personalise the trading environment with layout management tools designed to give users a truly tailored experience:

FX Professional Home

The environment comprises workspace areas where tiles, grids and various other trading components can co-exist. You can enable users to populate a workspace with selected trading components, and configure how those components appear on-screen. There are options to set up panes, create tabbed views, and add/remove components using convenient menu tools and search utilities. You can also let users can rapidly view and manage multiple workspace areas, each containing a personalised set of components and onscreen layouts, including:

  • Blotters: Supporting activity, trade execution and order blotters. All blotters have advanced filtering and sorting capabilities, and the order blotter supports single and bulk actions such as cancelling orders.

  • Charts: Adding real-time intraday and historic charts to the workspace.

  • News: Streaming news directly into FX Professional, and accessing news headlines and stories.

  • Block Trades: Using the Block Trading Feature Pack to cost-effectively execute large numbers of transactions across multiple accounts, currency pairs, dealt currencies, spots, forwards and swaps. Pre-trade netting avoids repeated paying of spreads. Microsoft Excel upload reduces errors and increases efficiency.

  • Pop-outs: Screen space is always at a premium. With pop-outs, any component can be popped out so optimising use of screen real estate.

ESP Tiles

Caplin FX Professional enables users to perform one-click trading on an executable streaming FX rate:

ESP Tiles

This rich set of functionality is standard and is easily extensible and customisable.

Order Tickets

The Orders Feature Pack supports single orders (TP, SL, Market, Call), as well as strategies (if done, OCO, if done then OCO):

Order Tickets

Users can set time in force, time to trade, email/SMS notifications and actions for partial fills, and more.

RFS Tickets

Caplin FX Professional offers Request for Stream (RFS) and Request for Quote (RFQ) trade tickets.

RFS Tickets

These support spot, forward and swap trades, with full display of spot rate, forward points, near and far leg points, and swap points.

Pop-up alerts

Alerting is a common requirement in trading apps:

Pop up Alerts

Caplin FX Professional provides event notifications that implement an alert system to notify users as trading events, such as order fills and partial fills, occur.

In addition, a notification tray is provided to manage and view all notifications. Users can view unread event notifications when logging in, and as they occur, with pop-ups for reviewing newly arrived notifications.

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