Managing entitlements

The FX Professional Motif 2 has a permissions model that controls the user’s entitlements. This model can be integrated into your organisation’s existing permissions system. Alternatively, we offer an entitlement and permissioning system called Caplin Director. This is fully supported by the Motif and can be integrated with existing order management systems (OMS), and back-end systems.

Caplin Director is a complete user administration system for the Motif that allows you to control how end-users can access your trading application. You can also control what data people receive - with changes that take place in real-time, so you have immediate, granular control over who sees what. See Director permissioning for information on how Director supports the permissioning requirements for FX.

To implement this, the system supports a hierarchical structure where users inherit entitlements from their parent client as well as any specialisms assigned to the user.

Director features:

  • Can be used with any existing user management system.

  • Instantly disable users from trading, or even connecting to you trading platform.

  • Control user trading privileges in real-time when communicating entitlements.

  • Make changes that take effect immediately, such as adding users to live systems.

  • Specify permissions that control users ability to: stream prices for specific instruments, trade specific instruments and access any available features.

  • Carry out batch client onboarding and build custom UIs, using the REST API.

  • Conveniently create and administer multiple client accounts for trading.

  • Web application provides an elegant, intuitive tool for managing users and permissions.