Configure Transformer’s JVM

Transformer includes an embedded Java virtual machine (JVM). The JVM is deactivated by default.

Activating the JVM

Transformer and other C-based DataSource applications do not load an embedded JVM by default. To load an embedded JVM, set the value of jvm_location to the value of the Caplin Deployment Framework’s JVM_LOCATION macro.

Feature blades and Transformer modules that require a JVM include a configuration override file, java.conf, that sets the value of jvm_location:

jvm_location = {$JVM_LOCATION}
The Persistence Service configuration blade for Transformer 7 includes a java.conf file with a jvm_location override, but the jvm_location line is commented out by default. If you require database-backed persistence (required in production environments), you must uncomment this line. For more information, see Activating the Persistence Service 7.

Configuring the JVM

Transformer uses the standard JVM configuration options for C-based DataSource applicatons. See Java (JVM) Configuration.

For more detailed instructions on changing the size of the JVM’s heap, see Change the size of the JVM heap.