Installing Caplin CLI

This page provides instructions for installing Caplin CLI, the Caplin Trader 5 command-line interface.

Use Caplin CLI to create a development workspace and to create scaffolding for new applications and components.


Caplin CLI has the following requirements:

Node.js version

Caplin Trader 5 requires Node.js 8, with npm 4 or the latest version of yarn.

Node.js 8 includes npm 5, which has a known issue that prevents it from working with Caplin Trader 5. Until this issue is fixed, downgrade to npm 4 or use the latest version of yarn.

To downgrade to npm 4, run the command below:

npm install -g npm@4

For Windows 10 developer machines, we recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM.

Network connectivity

Caplin Trader’s build stack requires Internet access to the following domains:

  • The npm registry (

  • GitHub (

The npm package manager does not have built-in support for Microsoft NTLM authentication. If you access the Internet via a proxy server that uses NTLM authentication, then configure npm to use a transparent proxy (if available) or configure npm to use an intermediate local proxy that appends your NTLM credentials to npm’s requests.

Installing Caplin CLI

To install Caplin CLI, run the command below:

npm install -g caplin-cli

Updating Caplin CLI

To upgrade an existing installation of Caplin CLI, run the command below:

npm update -g caplin-cli