Installing Caplin CLI

This page provides instructions for installing Caplin CLI, the Caplin Trader 5 command-line interface.

Use Caplin CLI to create a development workspace and to create scaffolding for new applications and components.


For the full Caplin Trader 5 requirements, see Caplin Trader 5 requirements.

Installing Caplin CLI

To install Caplin CLI, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the command below to check that npm is configured to install global packages under your home directory:

    $ npm config get prefix

    If the above command does not return a location under your home directory, follow the instructions in Configuring the installation location for global packages.

    Most Node.js installation methods configure npm to install global packages under your home directory. The exceptions are the DEB and RPM packages hosted by, which are drop-in replacements for your Linux system’s Node.js package.
  2. Run the command below to install the Caplin CLI:

    npm install -g caplin-cli

Updating Caplin CLI

To upgrade an existing installation of Caplin CLI, run the command below:

npm update -g caplin-cli