Caplin Platform development

We provide you with the APIs and tools to help you rapidly build and develop a web trading solution using the Caplin Platform. You’ll be making most use of the Caplin Integration Suite and StreamLink.

Back end development

You use the APIs and tools in the Caplin Integration Suite (CIS) to develop Integration Adapters that integrate your services such as pricing, trading, and permissioning with the Caplin Platform.

Integration Adapters are standalone applications that can be deployed and run on any machine in your network. Of course, they will require some configuration to register them with Liberator and Transformer.

The Caplin Integration Suite includes tools to help you package Integration Adapters and associated configuration into components called blades. The blades can then be deployed using the Caplin Platform Deployment Framework in a modular way.

Front end development

On the client, you can develop web apps and installed applications using the StreamLink API, (and you can develop full-blown trading apps using Caplin Trader).

StreamLink is an API for writing client applications that communicate with the Caplin Platform. It gives you a publish/subscribe style API, that you use to get real time data and publish data from your application into the Platform.

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