Browser Limitations

The following functional limitations are imposed upon popouts by the default behaviour of modern browsers:


All browsers position new windows relative to the top left of the Operating System’s main screen, but still have widely different behaviours with regard to positioning:

  • Firefox: Works as expected, including negative positioning.

  • IE: Same as Firefox, except does not allow negative positioning. This means a popout cannot be placed above or to the left of the Operating System’s main screen.

  • Chrome: Can handle negative positioning like Firefox, but always places popouts on the same screen as the window that opened the popout. If a popout would be opened on another screen, it will instead appear at the edge of the screen containing the parent window.

Title bar display

Currently, if you use browser popouts, the title bar will be displayed at the top of the popout. This is a browser limitation - however, this issue can be circumvented by using an app wrapper such as that provided by OpenFin, or a Chromium build. These are native installed applications that manage your own windows. Caplin doesn’t currently have any plans to build or maintain its own app wrapper.