Technical Requirements for Onsite Training

In order to get the most out of our training programme, we expect that you will be using these tutorials alongside our onsite training courses.

There are a number of technical requirements that you will need to meet for us to successfully deliver your onsite training. Details are listed below. If you require more information on any of these requirements, please contact us.

permissions requirements
  • All developers must be granted Windows Administration rights with read and write privileges
HARDWARE requirements
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better (ideally Intel Core i7)
  • Memory: 4-GB RAM (ideally 6 GB)
  • Hard disk: 2 GB available space or better
  • Display: Two 19” screens or better (per pair of delegates)
network connectivity requirements
  • Internet access for downloading software
  • Must be accessible by a fully qualified domain name
  • Permission to edit hosts file (local mapping of IP address to hostnames)
SOFTWARE requirements

The below must be installed on each PC prior to Caplin site visit.


  • Windows 7 or 10 with Administrator privileges
  • Sun Java JDK 1.7 32 bit
  • Eclipse Juno with 32 bit and J2EE version
  • GNU Cygwin + unzip zip and VIM
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • SSH client (putty, secureCRT and WinSCP are recommended)
  • Caplin Platform installation package containing the files required for the training. Installed to a shared server which all the delegates have access to (supplied by Caplin)
Note: Make sure that JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and pointing to your last installation of the JDK, and that when you run java from the command line, it starts this JDK.

Testing the Training Environment

We need to be able to test the training environment five days prior to training to ensure that the following are present:

  • Installation of Caplin Trader development environment (Windows)
  • Installation of Caplin Integration Suite development environment (Windows)
  • Installation of Caplin Deployment Framework (Windows)
  • Caplin Platform installation package (supplied by Caplin)