The fastest grid available, built with real-time financial data in mind, and supported by Caplin’s Platform, yet open for integration with other systems

Grid v2 component screenshot


Optimised for real-time updates

Works all day long, in any browser. It streams updates, insertions and deletions instantaneously. Extensively tested for optimal performance and lack of memory leaks.


Scroll quickly and seamlessly through hundreds of thousands of rows of data, in grids that only stream data for rows that are visible.

Live sorting and filtering

Server-side sorting and filtering means you can stay up-to-date with fast-moving data.

Data from anywhere

Works seamlessly with Caplin’s Platform technology, but you can use other data sources, such as web services or a data provider that you have written yourself.

Pause on hide

As with all Caplin components, if the grid is hidden (i.e. on another tab) then data streaming is paused for efficiency. When the grid is shown again, data streaming resumes and the grid is updated.

Add, remove, resize and reorder columns

Users can add, remove, resize and reorder all grid columns, allowing users to tailor grids precisely to their needs.

Persist changes

Column width, sequence, filters, and sort order can be saved to the server for the next time the user returns to the webpage.


It is possible to translate blotter columns and data using i18n, allowing different users to view the same data in different languages. Supported Internationalisation include: text, date formats, number formatting and parameterized strings.


Users can interact with grid rows using single-clicks, double-clicks, button presses, and context-menu selections. These interactions can be captured and used to launch actions associated with the grid row, such as launching tickets, editing orders, or accepting requests.


Multiple rows can be selected at once, enabling actions to be performed on more than one row (bulk actions).

Pop outs

Blotters can be popped-out into a separate browser window, allowing them to be placed wherever required, and even for the main app to minimised so that users can just focus on their blotter. Changes to the popped-out blotter are reflected in, and saved within, the main window.

Data export

Grid data can be exported to a CSV or Excel file with the simple click of a button. Various different options can be provided to format data on export to match Excel formatting.

Conditional highlighting

Blotter rows support conditional highlighting. Example uses include highlighting by trade status, such as highlighting cancelled trades in red, or highlighting by trade type, such as highlighting all FX swaps in blue.

Expandable rows

Grids support expandable sub-rows, allowing child records to be displayed inline with their parent records. For example, a grid of FX orders could be configured to reveal constituent fills when a grid row is expanded. Both parent and child rows update in real-time and the windowing optimisation takes into account parent and child rows. See Define an expandable grid.

A library of grid decorators

Caplin provides a set of decorators that allows a large number of different behaviours to be applied to blotters as required. These are all configured in XML by developers. See Available decorators.

Custom decorators

Developers can write their own decorators to add custom behaviours to the grid. See Write my own decorator.

Cell formatting

Using the Renderer library, developers can customise the display of grid cells. For example, cells can be configured to flash on price movements. See Renderer.