Migrating to Discovery

Discovery changes the way Caplin Platform deployments are licensed; how components connect to each other; and how data services scale. You can take advantages of these improvements in steps or in full.

Converting an existing deployment

You can convert an existing deployment to Discovery in steps. Take advantage of Discovery’s features at your own pace.

# Step Description


Deploy Discovery server


Connect DataSources to Discovery

Monitor your deployment in Discovery’s web interface and gain automatic Transformer clustering.


Migrate to Discovery licensing

Benefit from a simpler licensing model and the freedom to deploy licensed DataSources[1] to any IP address.


Migrate to peer discovery

Simplify DataSource connectivity configuration.


Migrate to scalable data services

Add new DataSource instances to your deployment without downtime for data-service reconfiguration.

New deployments

If you are designing a new deployment, or you are migrating an existing deployment to a new deployment architecture, such as Kubernetes, then we recommend that you take advantage of all Discovery’s features from the outset.

For guidance on deploying Caplin Platform to Kubernetes, read Example deployment to Kubernetes.

1. The following Caplin Platform products require a licence: Liberator, Transformer, and the TREP Adapter