Installing FX Mobile

This page provides an overview of the installation steps for FX Mobile.


Installation was tested on Apache Tomcat 8, which supports servlet specification 3.1.

To install FX Mobile, you need:

  • A J2EE web container that supports version 3.1 of the Java Servlet specification, such as Apache Tomcat 8.

  • The FX Mobile WAR file

  • The following Caplin Platform components:

    • Liberator and Transformer

    • Transformer services: Persistence, Refiner, Watchlist, Charting, and Alerts

If you want to customise your installation by deploying the FX Mobile application and FX Mobile’s KeyMaster servlet to different J2EE web containers, your J2EE web containers must support Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

To ease log-file analysis across servers, time zones, and daylight savings transitions, we recommend that you set the system clocks of all hosts in a Caplin stack to UTC.

Installing Caplin Platform

Follow the instructions below to install the Caplin Platform components required by FX Mobile. If you already have Caplin Platform installed, check that you have installed all required components and services below.

Installing the FX Mobile WAR

The FX Mobile web application is supplied in a web application archive (WAR) for deployment to a J2EE web container.

To install the FX Mobile WAR:

  1. Deploy the FX Mobile WAR to your J2EE web container.

    For more information on deploying WAR files, consult the manual for your Java web container.

  2. Configure FX Mobile. You can change the existing configuration using the external configuration files ExtendedAppConfig.json and ExtendedBlotterCOnfig.json. See Configure FX Mobile.

    Check the value of the TIMEZONE configuration property before deploying.

  3. Configure the J2EE web container’s JNDI context with the environment entries required by FX Mobile.

    FX Mobile will raise an error if any of the entries are missing.

    For more information on configuring JNDI environment entry resources, consult the manual for your J2EE web container.

  4. Start the FX Mobile web application in your J2EE web container.