Caplin FX Professional

A smooth FX trading GUI with an elegant user experience that you can integrate with your existing trading systems. It’s equipped with all the essential functionality you need to deliver marketable FX trade execution functionality. Powered by Caplin Trader and Caplin Platform technologies, Caplin FX Professional greatly accelerates the development of fully operational web trading apps.

FX Professional 2



With quick-trade tiles, FX pricing grids, trade blotters, Request for Stream (RFS) tickets and order tickets, FX Professional delivers all the core features found in a good FX trading front end. Workspace management tools provide seamless and efficient management over all trading components.

Fully customisable

Style and theme Caplin FX Professional with infinite variations using CSS3 and HTML5 conventions. User-customisable content enables you to customise the layout as you wish.

Web performance

Caplin FX Professional is built entirely using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It runs on all PCs with modern web browsers. It’s also performance optimised for real-time data and ready to be put into production.

Highly extensible

Each business function is encapsulated into a re-usable module called a blade making it easy for you to add your own functionality in a new blade or customise "out of the box" functionality.