Caplin FX Professional

Provide your customers with a first-class web interface for FX trading and money market deposits.

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FX RFS ticket workflows for spot, forward, time option, swap (even and uneven), and non-deliverable forward (NDF) product types.

FX ESP tile workflows for spot, forward, and NDF product types. FX indicative pricing tiles for swap (even) product type.

FX order ticket workflows:

  • Single: take profit, stop loss, market, benchmark, and call.

  • Strategies: One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO), If-Done, and If-Done-OCO.

In-app notifications.

FX block-trade workflows for spot, forward, and NDF product types.

Money Market RFS ticket workflow for deposits.

FX currency-pair watchlists and intraday charts.

Choice of layout managers:

  • User-customisable layout with multiple workspaces and resizable, positionable trading components.

  • Fixed layout, with a feature-set tailored to each user for a more streamlined and guided experience.

For more information, see FX Professional features.

Caplin FX Suite integration

Users of both FX Professional and Caplin FX Mobile benefit from synchronised currency-pair watchlists. User customisations to watchlists in one app automatically propagate to the other app.

Bank sales-dealers using Caplin FX Sales can intervene in FX Professional automated pricing workflows to tailor live quotations and recover rejected quotations.


FX Professional is deployed as a WAR file, and requires Apache Tomcat 9, a relational database, and a Caplin Platform stack integrated with your back office systems.

For more information, see Deploying FX Professional.


For information on how to configure FX Professional, including a full reference of configuration options, see FX Professional Configuration and J2EE web container JNDI configuration.


FX Professional is highly extensible and the application can be themed, localised, and customised. For more information, see Developing with FX Professional.

System integration

FX Professional is powered by the Caplin Platform, Caplin’s server-side streaming and integration stack. Integrate the Caplin Platform with your backend systems using one of Caplin’s existing integration adapters, write your own integration adapter, or work with Caplin’s development teams and project management to ensure smooth delivery of a solution customised to your systems.