Authentication and authorisation

You can use the Caplin Platform to control access to the system, as well as integrating with a single sign-on (SSO) system.


A trading app using the Caplin Platform can use Caplin KeyMaster to easily integrate with a single sign-on (SSO) system. This allows any app that interacts with a traditional application server or web server to use existing sign-on functionality when authenticating end-users. KeyMaster creates secure tokens that Liberator uses to authenticate login requests.


Caplin Liberator allows you to control what a user can do with the Platform to a very granular level. You get to control

  • User login authentication

  • Each and every subscription for data a user makes

  • Every piece of data published to Liberator from each user

  • Server-side routing of subscriptions onto different streams for price tiering and volume banding

All of the above is done in real-time and can be seamlessly modified during the user’s subscription. Liberator has pluggable "authentication modules" so for simple security schemes you can write your own. For more complex schemes, or when you want to use entitlement data stored in remote systems there is the Permissioning API. It allows you to stream entitlement information into the Liberator that has our Permissioning Authentication Module installed.

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