Caplin FX Mobile

Access trade information and execute trades on the move with Caplin FX Mobile.

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Trading on the move

FX Mobile is compatible with all modern devices and offers an efficient FX ecosystem that you can take with you wherever you go. Intuitive navigation makes optimum use of limited screen real estate, ensuring that trading on the move is a convenient and enjoyable experience.

FX tools

FX Mobile provides you with easy access to market prices and a full suite of FX trading tools that you can use on the move. You can set up custom watchlists to keep up with the latest rates, monitor your positions, manage and submit orders and execute spot and forward trades.

Compatibility with Caplin FX Suite

FX Mobile complements Caplin FX Professional and Caplin FX Sales. For example, watchlists created in Caplin FX Professional are visible in the FX Mobile app and the other way around. Trades executed in Caplin FX Professional, and in Caplin FX Sales on behalf of users, are visible in the blotters of FX Mobile. Trades executed in FX Mobile are visible in the blotters of Caplin FX Professional and Caplin FX Sales.


FX Mobile is customisable and you can apply your theming to the entire app to better reflect your business brand.