Generating DataSource field definitions

The TREP Adapter comes with a demonstration fields file, fields-reuters.conf; however, this file should be updated with the fields from your local TREP installation.

The TREP Adapter can now be used to generate the Reuters fields file. If the configuration item field-file-location is set, then when the TREP Adapter is started it will write the fields that it reads from the TREP dictionary to the file specified by field-file-location.

It is recommended to use this configuration to keep the fields file up to date with the TREP installation.

Whenever TREP is upgraded, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the Deployment Framework on all servers

  2. Uncomment the field-file-location configuration item in the TREP Adapter overrides on all servers (for consistency).

  3. Start and stop the the TREP Adapter on the appropriate server.

  4. Copy the new Reuters fields file from the TREP server overrides folder to the equivalent location on all Deployment Framework servers.

  5. Start the Deployment Framework on all servers.

Stopping and starting the Deployment Framework is required so that the Liberator and Transformer will pick up the new fields file.

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