Heartbeats configuration

These configuration items define Transformer’s application-level heartbeat messaging.

You can also configure DataSource heartbeats for each DataSource application (Liberator, Integration Adapter) connected to Transformer: see How can I…​ Enable heartbeats between DataSource applications.


heartbeat-symbol specifies the symbol name (subject) of the application level heartbeat object.

The name can contain the parameters %h and %a At run-time, %h is replaced by the host name of the machine on which the Transformer is running, and %a is replaced by the Transformer’s DataSource application-name.

Syntax: heartbeat-symbol <symbol-name>

Type: string

Default value: NULL (application-level heartbeats are disabled)


heartbeat-symbol-time specifies the time interval in seconds between updates of the time stamp in the application-level heartbeat object.

Syntax: heartbeat-symbol-time <interval-in-seconds>

Type: float

Default value: 30.0 seconds

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