This course covers the following topics in the Caplin Platform:

  • Installation: you will learn how to install Caplin Platform components using the Platform’s Deployment Framework

  • Monitoring: you will learn how to use the Caplin Management Console (CMC) to monitor Caplin Platform components

  • Integration adapters: you will learn how to integrate the Caplin Platform with your backend systems. You will create three types of adapter:

    • Pricing adapter: an integration adapter that provides FX pricing data

    • Trading adapter: an integration adapter that provides trading functionality to web clients

    • Permissioning adapter: an integration adapter that provides permissioning data to the Caplin Permissioning Service, an optional Liberator module for managing authentication and authorisation of users.

  • Filtering data: you will learn how to use Transformer’s Refiner module to sort and filter data provided by integration adapters


Internet access to the Caplin Project Templates repository hosted on GitHub:

The latest versions of the following software packages:

  • Git

  • Oracle Java Development Kit 8 (64-bit)

  • Caplin software (available from the Caplin Downloads site):

    • Deployment Framework 7

    • Caplin Liberator 7

    • Caplin Permissioning Service 7 (Liberator module)

    • Caplin Transformer 7

    • Caplin Refiner 7 (Transformer module)

    • Caplin Management Console

    • Java DataSource API 7 (datasource-java-version-jar-with-dependencies.jar)

    • Java Permissioning API 7 (permissioning-datasource-version.jar)

    • Java Trading API 7 (trading-datasource-version.jar)

† The integration projects in this course can be configured to download the Java integration libraries automatically from the Caplin Software Repository (Caplin account required) or to use local libraries downloaded manually from the Caplin Downloads site.

For instructions on setting up the software, see Setting up the development environment.


Download the instructor’s slide show presentations for the course.