Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 1

This course covers the following topics in the Caplin Platform:

  • Installation: you will learn how to install Caplin Platform components using the Platform’s Deployment Framework

  • Monitoring: you will learn how to use the Caplin Management Console (CMC) to monitor Caplin Platform components

  • Integration adapters: you will learn how to integrate the Caplin Platform with your backend systems. You will create three types of adapter:

    • Pricing adapter: an integration adapter that provides FX pricing data

    • Trading adapter: an integration adapter that provides trading functionality to web clients

    • Permissioning adapter: an integration adapter that provides permissioning data to the Caplin Permissioning Service, an optional Liberator module for managing authentication and authorisation of users.

  • Filtering data: you will learn how to use Transformer’s Refiner module to sort and filter data provided by integration adapters.


Internet access to the following websites to download project dependencies:

The latest versions of the following software packages:

  • Git

  • Oracle Java Development Kit 8 (64-bit)

  • Caplin software (available from the Caplin Downloads site):

    • Deployment Framework 7

    • Caplin Liberator 7

    • Caplin Permissioning Service 7 (Liberator module)

    • Caplin Transformer 7

    • Caplin Refiner 7 (Transformer module)

    • Caplin Management Console

    • Java DataSource API 7 (datasource-java-version-jar-with-dependencies.jar)

    • Java Permissioning API 7 (permissioning-datasource-version.jar)

    • Java Trading API 7 (trading-datasource-version.jar)

  • Liberator licence including the licensed module javaauth (required to complete the Permissioning Integration Adapter tutorial)

Caplin software licenses:

  • Liberator developer licence with the javaauth option. The javaauth option is required to complete the Permissioning Adapter Tutorial.

    Liberator’s evaluation licence does not include the javaauth option.
  • Transformer developer license

For instructions on setting up the software, see Setting up the development environment.


Download the instructor’s slide show presentations for the course.